According to Your Birth Month, This is How Easy You Are to Love

We often turn to star signs, astrology, and horoscopes to obtain some indication of who we are as a person, looking for some insight into the depths of our personality. What does your personality predict about your love life? Your birthdate may just hold the key to this secret!

For those that believe in the practice of astrology, your birthdate provides the information necessary to calculate your astrological birth chart. This includes the placement of the planets, the sun and the moon on the date that you were born. The belief is that each of these planetary forces carries a unique ability to influence the energy in our lives. For example, Venus is well-known as the ‘Planet of Love,’ and its placement in the zodiac is said to influence our romantic relationships, friendship, connections and emotional attachments.

Don’t believe in astrology? New evidence shows that the season of your birth can have a significant impact on who you are as a person. In fact, scientific studies show this can actually impact the development of a baby, influencing who they become!

Whether you subscribe to the purely science-based thought process or are open to the concept of astrological influences on our lives, this impact on your personality can reveal a great deal about your love life. While some people are more open, wearing their heart on their sleeve, others are far more reserved. When someone builds up barriers around their heart this can make them significantly more difficult to get close to, restricting their ease of establishing connections with others. How do you stack up? Do others believe that you are ‘easy to love’?

#1 – June

The #1 reason that people born in June top this list is that you are by far the most balanced and well-rounded people that anyone will meet. You can be wild and crazy one moment, then settle in for a deep and meaningful conversation the next. You are the complete package, blessed with empathy, a great sense of humor, intellect and a full tool belt of ‘people skills.’ In fact, people may not even know why they like you so much, they just can’t help themselves!

#2 – July

You are the person that completely lights up a room the moment that you walk in, charming everyone in your presence with your incredible personality and magnetic smile. You are incredibly sensitive and caring, which leads many to trust you without question, however, this sensitivity may also cause you to be reluctant to reveal your own vulnerable side for fear of being hurt. It’s not that you won’t open up, you just need to be sure that you can trust people first.

#3 – October

There is no denying that you have a love for life and everyone that you meet along the way, and this is the reason why you are so high up on the list. People feel incredibly comfortable opening up to you due to the fact that you are such a loving free-spirit. No one had to question whether or not you love them, because you go out of your way to show them just how important they are, however, this can leave your religious partner feeling like they are just ‘part of the pack’ at times.

#4 – December

Loyal and devoted, you don’t give the people in your life any reason to question whether or not you will be there when they need you. While this may not sound like the most romantic of points, it is a very important building block to establishing a strong relationship. On top of this, you are a happy and upbeat person, truly seeing the joy in every moment. This brings nothing but positivity to the lives of those around you.

#5 – March

You are a true caregiver, going out of your way to put the interests of everyone around you before your own. This is an admirable trait and not one that others miss. People know they can trust you and depend on you, and this makes you easy to love. However, you keep your own cards close to your heart, refusing to express your own feelings. This can, at times, cause you to come across as cold, taking away from everything that you have to offer.

#6 – May

Your greatest asset is your mind, and it will draw those in who truly fall for you. You are always looking for the opportunity to learn, and you aren’t resistant to change and evolution in your life. This flexibility and desire to always work on bettering yourself show others that you are truly going somewhere in life and that motivation and dedication to your personal growth are highly attractive. However, you need to work a little on developing your emotional intelligence as your emotions often get the better of you, sending people running for the hills.

#7 – August

Facing life with courage and determination, there is no challenge you won’t face head-on and with a smile on your face. You show no fear, and that ensures that anyone in your close circle of friends and family will always feel protected and cared for. Unfortunately, always keeping up a brave face means that you struggle with sharing your vulnerable side. In fact, if anyone even suggests you have one by offering to help you, you often lash out in anger. You need to keep that temper in check.

#8 – November

Passionate and romantic, a relationship with someone born in November is sure to be a whirlwind of love and affection, sweeping others off their feet with your grand gestures. What you fail to see, however, is that there is more to love than just the romantic parts of your life. True love means allowing someone into all areas of your life, and this is a struggle for you. You can’t continue to keep your life a secret and expect someone to settle for only part of your life if you want a relationship to last.

#9 – February

You know what you want in this life and you refuse to allow society to impact your goals and desires. While some will see you as eccentric, avoiding trying to make a connection with you at all, others will admire your individuality and find themselves drawn to it. The important thing that you need to remember is that everyone is entitled to make similar choices in their own life, so you can’t force your thoughts and believes on everyone around you. Learn to accept your partner for who they are.

#10 – January

There are few people in this world that possess the motivation and determination that you demonstrate on a daily basis, however, you are often SO focused on your goals that you completely forget about everyone else around you. To top it off, you have set incredibly high expectations for everyone that you meet, almost impossibly high. This is enough to turn just about anyone off when they are left feeling as though they will never be ‘good enough’ for you.

#11 – April

You take stubborn to a whole new level, refusing to back down even if the facts show that you’re actually wrong. After all, no one knows more than you, right? Here’s the problem. No one wants to spend their life living with a know-it-all, so this is going to destroy nearly every relationship you form. If you don’t want to spend your whole relationship alone you are going to have to learn to get over yourself and accept that you, like everyone else, are human and therefore not perfect. You might even learn a thing or two!

#12 – September

The biggest struggle you face when it comes to making a lasting connection in this world is your focus when you are getting to know someone. You’re incredibly pessimistic, and rather than looking for the good in everyone, like those at the top of the list, you find yourself picking out everyone’s flaws. If every moment spent with you means being constantly being reminded of every mistake or error in their lives, it’s no wonder that people choose to steer clear. If you want to find your way further up this list you’re going to have to go through a SERIOUS overhaul in your way of thinking!

Image via Curious Mind Magazine