New Moon in Gemini: Put Your Faith In This New Beginning and Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This year is going to be one to remember, that much is clear. If you weren’t already aware there is an interesting new moon coming our way.

This new moon is set to take place in Gemini on the 13th of this month. This new moon is going to bring forth an energy that really pushes us forward and allows us to flow gracefully into something new. This, however, sometimes is a bit uncomfortable. During this time we will really begin to see the flaws in our lives and ourselves, whether we want to or not.

Because this new moon will be found in Gemini we will all be gifted with creativity, open-mindedness, and so much more. You will be forced to really straddle the reins as both sides of things will become far too intense for your likings. You will be wanting to tear your hair from frustration, all the while actually finding some peace in one way or another. You will be filling your life with passion and yet really putting yourself out there and taking more risks.

Everything you do or feel compelled to do during or in the weeks after this full moon will be conflicting at best. This might be the best time to really move away from old habits and make a fresh start so do your best not to waste it. Some of us will be directly affected by violence as we will be under the influence of the fixed star Algol and others might be indirectly affected in turn empathizing with those who are suffering.

The more energy you receive the better so don’t be afraid of the things this new moon has to offer. Put your best intentions forth and be as considerate of others as possible as this new moon comes our way. You might be feeling a lot more compassionate and loving in the weeks to come. This is going to be one interesting, to say the least, new moon.

If you are anything like me you know that new moons in Gemini brings out some unique traits. You will be more ready to talk to those around you and really embracing the idea of trying new things. While this new moon is not going to be anything like you would expect for it to be it is still going to be quite amazing.

Image via Soul Travel Rules