Prepare for Tonight’s New Moon In Aries With this Simple Ritual

The new moon is an incredibly powerful time in the lunar calendar for fresh starts and new beginnings. An often-overlooked aspect of astrology, the moon cycles bring different influential energies into our lives.

While most people are aware of the impact of the full moon, this is only one of the various cycles in the lunar calendar, each with its own unique energy. By tuning into the moon phases and the meaning of each, we are able to harness these various energies and put them to work in our own daily lives.

If you are looking for a change in any area of your life, the new moon is the perfect time to get started. While the other moon phases work to build upon things that are already in play in your life, either moving you forward or holding you back, the new moon is like a blank canvas. This is your opportunity to either refocus your efforts on your current goals and dreams, discovering improvements and better approaches, or the chance to discover a new calling or path in life.

The April 15/16 new moon is uniquely positioned for this type of self-realization due to the recent Full Blue Moon in Libra on March 31st. During the full moon, we were driven to self-inspection, looking back on actions and events from our past both for the purposes of nostalgia and to take steps to correct mistakes that we have made at one time or another. This allowed us to better understand where we want to go in this life, creating goals and dreams that speak to our passions and strengths.

Source: Conscious Reminder

The April new moon occurs in Aries, a sign largely associated with action, determination, and courage. This strong and motivated fire sign isn’t one to just sit back and plan, it thrives off putting plans into action and reaching new levels of achievement. It is during this time that we will be given some incredibly valuable guidance in bringing both balance and harmony into our lives while stepping out of our comfort zone in order to move forward to bigger and better things ahead.

This is going to be a time of change, so enter it with an open mind, heart, and soul, understanding that it is only through this change that you will grow and evolve. While you may feel inundated with a variety of different changes that you view as important or necessary, try to be patient with yourself while you find the best way to implement them into your day to day schedule. It will take time to truly understand the steps that you need to take, however, this additional time of self-reflection will ensure that you understand it on a deeper, more personal and meaningful level than it would have been if you had just acted rashly.

In order to prepare yourself for the incredible changes to come, there is a simple 3-part ritual that you can put into place. This will help you to rid your mind of the clutter and negative thoughts that may be working as an obstacle, holding you back from making the changes necessary during this time. Furthermore, it will help you to build confidence and conviction in your decisions and actions. It is said that the effects and energy of the new moon will linger for 2-3 days after the moon itself, so don’t miss this short window of opportunity.

#1 – Write down the obstacles that you wish to let go.

Set yourself up in a quiet space at a desk or table, or upon the floor with either five or seven small candles placed in a crescent moon formation before you. Sitting your paper within this semicircle, write down any struggles, obstacles, challenges or negative influences in your life that you know you need to let go of in order to move forward towards your goals and dreams. This may include bad habits, negative situations or toxic people. Allow yourself to be 100{b75a4a6005db7822c82f3e33dad0e4d58697da6786c21fbe97332e94bc283cbb} honest here, it is not something that you are sharing publicly. Ensure that the paper and candles are situated in a way that there is no fire risk, as you will leave them burning during step 2.

#2 – Allow yourself to take a cleansing bath.

Draw a hot bath including a selection of cleansing and calming essential oils. Some oils often used for the purposes of cleansing and purification include lemon, peppermint, cypress, juniper berry, cypress, and cedarwood. Allow yourself to soak in the bath while practicing some breathing exercises, focusing completely on the here and now while letting go of any thoughts of either the past or the future. Feel your body and your soul being cleansed of any negative or toxic energy that you may have previously possessed.

#3 – Returning to your list, write down your goals, wishes and desires moving forward.

Now that you have cleansed yourself of negativity, return to your crescent moon. If any candles have burned out, replace them before continuing. You can also intensify the energies from the Aries new moon by burning incense associated with its influence including cinnamon, thyme, cedarwood or juniper. Returning to your previous list, now you are going to look forward. Write down your goals, dreams, wishes, and desires – the things that you hope to achieve moving forward. Holding the paper firmly, address both the old and new moons stating: “Old Moon, I am grateful for you remove the burden from my shoulders. New Moon, I am grateful for bringing me real change in my life.” At this time, read through both lists on your paper either out loud, or silently, directing this to the energy that you have welcomed into this ritual.