The Fiery Wrath Of Mercury During Retrograde and How to Prepare Yourself, March 22nd – April 18th

Most of what you read is all about the good things coming from this retrograde but no one is really going over the negative side of things. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and we must not ignore the negative aspects, and doing so could be damning.

For anyone who might not know retrograde is when a planet basically appears to be going backward instead of forward. It is something that throws off the energies surrounding us and pushes us to things we usually might not be up for. The Mercury retrograde period of March and April is from March 22nd to April 15th, we are currently in the shadow period so if you have been feeling odd that is why.

Now, to begin with, you might be feeling overly energized and ready to move onto EVERYTHING that this world has in store for you but we should avoid acting on these urges as best we can for if we do not bad things will happen. Mercury is a very curious planet which normally would not be a bad thing but because of this retrograde and the fact that it is in Aries, we should not be acting on this curiosity. This phenomenon affects us all in one way or another. Events in your life will be making a shift that you may not quite be ready for.

Mercury rules all types of communication in our lives, so do not be alarmed if you are struggling to get the right words out over the weeks to come during this retrograde and its peak. You should not make any important moves during this time and you should stop trying to make plans when you know Mercury is just going to tear them away from you last minute. Mercury retrograde is not a good time for much of anything to be honest unless you want to reflect and really think about where to you from here WITHOUT acting on any impulses Mercury tries to force you into.

Aries is going to be trying to force you into challenges and may even push you to be more aggressive. If you lash out during this time please do not forget to apologize to those you upset. All of the weaknesses Aries have will be making themselves known within your body and they will zap your energy if you do not work as best you can despite them. Stay determined and courageous and all will be well, Mercury will be fighting this battle with you.

Don’t get me wrong, Mercury is not a bad planet and its retrograding will bring something positive in the end but there is far too much negative to ignore. Putting it all into a bubble and pushing it to the side will not work. You have to be able to really truly work through these things. If you manage to remain calm and collected during this retrograde once it is over something amazing will manifest into your life, Mercury is not a planet to leave our midst without reward.

For a more personal reading on this retrograde itself please check out the tarot reading for each sign below. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing simply skip through to your sign. Mine has me feeling much better but still aware of the negative aspects.